Monday, October 02, 2006

Love Hotels in Japan

In Japan, people seem to literally live right on top of one another because it is so crowded. Kid's are plentiful and their schedules isogashii (busy). A housewife certainly has her hands full trying to put on dinner on with only a two burner stove. A husband as the committed breadwinner has also a busy schedule and networking after work in the company's favorite pubs certainly does delay him from coming home before midnight. What is a couple to do? How do they get alone with each other and spend some "quality time." Well, in Japan they have "Love Hotels." The concept of a love hotel is very similar to what they might call a sleazy hotel in the States. You know what I'm talking about even if you've never been there. It's the "no tell" motel or the one that charges by the hour. In Japan though, they aren't considered sleazy, they're considered quite normal. They are also called "fancy hotels." Although, it's perfect for the married couple to get away from the kids, you can imagine that this venue also attracts its share of adulterers, fornicators and mistresses.

They usually have interesting names, in English, with neon signs and kitschy decor:

Here you have the City Inn Za Za, Private Space, and Welcome Always.

If you do go into a love hotel, it's quite obvious what you are going there for but no worries, I've read elsewhere that the need for anonymity is met in spades. There is no one in the lobby but there are pictures of the rooms and you select your room by pressing a button. You then pay for it at a black window by slipping the appropriate amount of cash to a faceless person behind it. You are then passed your key. But what if someone actually sees you go there and park your car. No fear! They even have that covered (literally!)

As you can see, blinds prevent you from seeing who gets out of a car and courtesy boards prevent looky loos or jealous husbands from easily identifying the license plates of the cars. And yes, bargain prices for shorter stays:

The rates at this hotel seem to be based on a 6 PM to 12 AM stay on weekdays. Members get a discounted rate.

If you want to see the interior of one of these establishment, you're going to have to go to Japan and investigate yourself because I'm not so bold and if I were...I wouldn't be writing about it for the public.

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